New Voices 2018 Event

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Hello my lovelies!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me. I was invited to the New Voices book event in Manchester by HeadlineBooks and their lovely publishing team! The event was absolutely superb and I want to thank Georgina especially for looking after us.

You could say I was an events virgin up until this point (although I popped the cherry last night) and I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. I knew there would be book talk, authors, food and booze. If those aren’t all GREAT reason’s to hop on the train then I don’t know what is!


*Pornstar Martini*

Me being the anxiety ridden mess that I am, I had to drag my husband along with me, who let’s face it, went for the food and was my book carrying camel for the night (he’s a star)!

I also had to make sure Megs from BetweenThePages would be coming so I could cling to her all night, politely screaming DO NOT LEAVE ME in her ear! It was so good to see her again and we honestly had a blast. We were also joined by Lauren from NorthernPlunder, who I have met briefly and I’m so glad she came along, she is literally so much fun and who can resist her vibrant blue hair! It turned out to be an awesome night, one of the best times I’ve had in a long while and it was these two girls who made all the difference! Thank you for letting me be myself girls ❣



The purpose of the event was to highlight the five new wonderful authors and their upcoming debut books. We had a chat with all but one of the authors (the last one was a bit awol) about their book and they were all lovely and genuinely interested in us bloggers. It’s honestly so refreshing to meet people who have the same interests as you and to have a discussion about our passion for books.


We were presented with a table full of advanced copies of the books and slowly edged our way towards it, eyeing them up. I made the first grab and thus started the domino effect! I managed to bag a copy of all the books and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me!!

Take a closer look at the books and find out a bit more about them:

The Tall Man

The Tall Man by Phoebe Locke 

Release: 14th June 2018

A stunning new voice, introducing her dark and chilling crime-thriller. Appealing to fans of Ruth Ware and Stephen King, it is an unforgettable blend of spine tingling chills and paranormal suspense which will leave you checking the corners of your room at night.

Phoebe is the pseudonym of full-time writer Nicci Cloke. She previously worked at the Faber Academy and hosted London literary salon Speakeasy. She lives and writes in London.


The Tall Man immediately caught my eye with its stunning cover. I’ve always been interested in the Slender Man mythology, so The Tall Man really interests me and I’m so excited to read it. Phoebe was really lovely to talk to and showed so much love for her book.

The Feed

The Feed by Nick Clark Windo

Release: 25th January 2018

A dystopian page turner. A thought-provoking and utterly addictive read, this is a tense thriller wrapped up in a scarily plausible nightmare. What would you sacrifice to save the world?

Nick was a student on the Faber Academy Writing A Novel course. He studied English Literature at Cambridge and acting at RADA and he now works as a film producer and communications coach. He lives in London with his wife and daughter.




The Feed really intrigues me, Nick had a chat with us and explained the book in more detail. Everything you are is on the feed, memories, knowledge, dreams, so if it collapses then what do you become? It’s a tiny bit comparable to what would you do without technologically, but on a much larger and more explosive scale. I really look forward to reading it! Nick was also a very entertaining and charismatic man, it was a pleasure to chat with him.

The Perfect GirlfriendThe Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton

Release: 8th March 2018

The story of one woman’s terrifying mission to take back what’s hers, no matter the cost. As Juliette so frighteningly shows, there is a very thin line between true love and perfect hatred. The tension is high in this one.

Karen spent her childhood in Angola, Zimbabwe, Belgium and Italy and worked as a flight attendant for many years. She is a recent graduate of the Faber Academy and having now put down roots in Hampshire to raise her young family with her husband, she satisfies her wanderlust by exploring the world through writing.


I love a good thriller and this sounds frighteningly good. Karen talked us through her book and how her inspiration came from being a flight attendant herself. She wanted to write something she was familiar with, thus The Perfect Girlfriend was born. Karen was really enthusiastic about her book and lovely to talk to. I can’t wait to dig into the book!

The Wolf

The Wolf by Leo Carew

Release: 5th April 2018 

If you’re looking for something to fill the Game Of Thrones gap in your life then look no further. Leo is sure to rival David Gemmell and George RR Martin with this masterpiece of epic fantasy. The first in his Under The Northern Sky series.

Leo is a 26-year old Cambridge graduate of Biology Anthropology, currently studying medicine. Apart from writing, his real passion is exploration, which lead him to spend a year living in a tent in High Arctic, where he trained and worked as an Arctic guide.



Leo was introduced to us as the next George RR Martin, a bold claim, one which I will be happy to test out on reading The Wolf. Leo had a brief chat with us and came off as a very intelligent individual and gentleman. I look forward to seeing what The Wolf truly brings to the book community!

In Our Mad And Furious City

In Our Mad And Furious City by Guy Gunaratne

Release: 3rd May 2018 

A raw and provocative new urban voice in fiction. A vivid and deeply affecting account of city life, the novel follows three young men on a London council estate over 48 hours, when suddenly everything is at stake.

Guy grew up in North West London and has worked as a designer, documentary filmmaker and video journalist covering post-conflict areas around the world, as well as co-founding two technology companies. He was shortlisted for the 4th Estate/Guardian Books B4ME Short Story Prize.



Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to chat with Guy, we did see his mustard jumper flitting about the place, so he must have been very sought after. I’ll be honest and say his book interests me the least, just because it’s not my type of thing, but it does sound very compelling to those who are a fan. It’s one of those books that will be very stimulating to the brain.

I just want to thank Headline Books once again for inviting me to such an incredible and refreshing event. It was unbelievable to have been invited and more so to experience it. I will never forget it and look forward to many more events like it in the future!

Head over to HeadlineBooks website to find out more!

Hope you enjoyed, until next time ❣



This Boy Is A Rainbow – Sam Payne – Review


Book logoSynopsis

Sam Payne’s debut poetry collection, this boy is a rainbow, tells a raw and touching story of gay love, heartbreak, healing, and empowerment. It is the story of boy who lost love and thought he would never be whole again. Divided into three chapters, it follows his journey as he endures the storm, finds the sun, and becomes the rainbow.

For fans of Rupi Kaur, Amanda Lovelace and Savannah Brown, comes an original collection about love, sexuality, grief, doubt, depression, survival, healing, self-love and empowerment.

Book logoMy Rating

Heart wrenching, raw and truly empowering. Trigger warning for self-harm.

Book logoMy Thoughts

If you know me, you will be aware that I’m not a huge fan of poetry. But after hearing so many amazing things about this book, I had to take Sam up on his offer and read it for myself.

I am utterly stunned by this collection. I don’t often read poetry, but this is unlike anything I’ve ever laid eyes on. The words cut so deep and were so raw, I didn’t expect to response to it so intensely. I could feel every word and every drop of anguish and pain as I was reading. The storm was heart breaking and harrowing to read, but in all the right ways. Sam captured those moments of heartbreak perfectly. Then the light shone and he began to see the splendour of life again in all its beauty. Then through the rainbow he realised that all of his suffering hadn’t been for nought, he was a better person for it and overcame it.

This collection was incredibly empowering and if you’ve ever been through heartbreak then I highly suggest you read this! I think everyone would discover something about themselves and become better because of it.

I also want to highlight the incredible sketches included in the collection, they added so much depth to the collection.

Thank you to Sam Payne for reaching out to me. I’m so glad I read this for myself. You are so brave and I respect you enormously.

*I received a copy of the book in return for an honest review*


About The Author


Sam Payne is a poet, writer and creative based in Cambridge, UK. He started posting poetry on Instagram in October 2017 and his debut poetry collection was published in 2018. By sharing his words with the world, he offers a positive message of survival and growth for the wounded heart or bruised soul. When he is not writing, he can be found in a good coffee shop, eating a slice of red velvet cake. You can find out more about the author at he is also very active on Instragram @bysampayne.

Here are some excerpts from the collection along with some of the beautiful sketches:













Angel Of Shadow – D.H Nevins – Arc Review & Giveaway!

Cover Reveal, Angel of Shadow, high res

Book logoSynopsis

D.H. Nevins hurtles you into a world of half-angels, demons and tormented love in this driving, dystopian sequel to Wormwood.

Half-angels, known as Nephilim, have all but destroyed the surface of the Earth. Yet for Kali Michaels, her life is now much more complicated than simply surviving. Grappling with her own powerful identity, she worries her connection to the world of Shadows could destroy those around her.

And what if she hurts Tiamat Wormwood, the Nephilim outcast who has given everything to save her? Tiamat and Kali know they have no future—not when outside forces and Kali’s own power push both the humans and the Nephilim to the brink of extinction.

As she fights to stop the inevitable, she is led to question who her real enemies are, and whether the ultimate threat may actually be herself.

Book logoMy Rating

Utterly stunning, will tear you up inside, have you weeping, dystopian sensation.

Book logoMy Thoughts

You may remember me spamming you with my week long cover reveal for Angel Of Shadow last month. I’m so excited to share this review with you guys! You should all know by now that I loved Wormwood and D.H herself, so I was ecstatic to review the sequel Angel Of Shadow for her.

I want to start by saying (once again) how so in love I am with the cover! I adored it the minute I saw it and congratulate D.H on how well it turned out.

Wormwood was definitely a roller coaster of a read, Angel Of Shadow is on another level! The moment you were settled and thought all was well, another crisis would occur and throw everyone into battle mode. It was truly exhausting all of my emotions, in all the best possible ways I may add.  D.H really knows how to stick the knife in and have you sobbing into the book!

The general atmosphere was really heightened compared to Wormwood. I felt like danger was around every corner and prayed for my poor Kali and Tiamat!

Kali grew from strength to strength throughout the book, daring to challenge her enemies and giving as good as she got, she really is bad ass! I love her determination and her unwillingness to give up the fight. Her moments of intense fury were by far my favourite thing about her and were fuelled by her need and love for Tiamat.

Tiamat will forever be one of my favourite male characters. He loves deeply and is incredibly loyal. He feels more than most of the Nephilim and risks his life for others. He puts himself through so much guilt and grief for actions that he can’t control. Even those who have become his enemies, he still cares for and regards them as his brothers. He is a true angel and will forever protect Kali, no matter what the cost.

I enjoyed the small bursts of humour through the book. The Nephilim’s jokes with each other and Kali, it relieved some of the tension from previous scenes and nursed some of the wounds in my heart.

I loved the scenes between Kali and Tiamat. It was slightly different to Wormwood, where Tiamat stayed away to keep Kali safe, the roles were kind of reversed this time. But it was nice to have them together after everything and it was really lovely to see, thank you for catering to my gushy love scene needs Danielle! ☺

I was utterly shocked to find my name in the acknowledgements of this book! I cried many tears when I saw it and cannot thank D.H enough for her words. I’m so happy to have had such an influence and will continue to support her in whatever she does. You truly are amazing Danielle! ❤

Giveaway Time!

It's here... Angel of Shadow, January 13, 2018.png

Being the wonderful person that D.H is, she’s hosting a giveaway for TWO paperback copies of Angel Of Shadow! This will run from 13th – 31st of January. You can enter HERE.

Angel of Shadow releases this Saturday the 13th! And remember you can still grab the first book Wormwood for FREE HERE.

Find out more about D.H and her Wormwood series HERE.

D.H also has a newsletter that you can now sign up for to keep up to date with the series and also new subscribers will be entered to win one of FIVE copies of Angel Of Shadow. Sign up HERE.

*Thank you to D.H Nevins for sending the book my way in return for an honest review*

I hope you enjoyed my review of Angel Of Shadow, I know I loved reading it!

Until next time ❣


New Year – Q&A

New Year Q&A

Hey guys!

Happy new year bookworms! I can’t believe we’ve jumped into 2018 already, where did the time go?!

As 2018 marks my first year of blogging (June) I wanted to do a little Q&A to bring in the new year. I won’t be making any resolutions, they’re just not my bag, but I will be shooting for some goals, which I shall add at the end of this post.

Once again, I wish you all the best for the new year!

 Where is your favourite place to read? 

I do most of my reading on the sofa once the kids are in bed. I love reading in bed, but unfortunately that’s not an option right now.

 What’s your least favourite book that you’ve ever read?

Given To The Sea by Mindy McGinnis. Don’t get me started on that book!

 Physical or E-book? 

I love holding a book, there’s just something delightful about it! But I have read a lot more E-books recently than I used to.

 Who is your favourite author?

THAT is a tough question. For a long time is has been J.K Rowling and it still probably is, but I really enjoy Anna Banks and I’ve recently discovered D.H Nevins, she’s incredibly talented and just an awesome person!

✴ Favourite book quote?

‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light’ – Dumbledore – J.K Rowling.

 Favourite Harry Potter book?

I always thought this was The Order Of The Phoenix, but I’ve recently changed my mind and it’s actually The Half-blood Prince.

 If you could transport yourself into any book for a day, what would it be and why?

Definitely Harry Potter! I’ve always wanted to be a witch and explore Hogwarts, drink some butter beer and pet a Hippogriff. My letter is WAY late!

 What advice do you have for new bloggers? 

Be yourself, do what YOU want to do, don’t feel pressured to conform to other bloggers. Be social and make friends, that’s the best advice I could give!

 What is it like being a book blogger?

If you love books, then it’s honestly the best! Sharing your love of books and communicating with other people like yourself is awesome. It can get stressful if you have reviews to post and such, but what isn’t? I enjoy putting my heart and soul into something I truly love and I made tons of friends!

 What made you get into blogging?

Honestly, I was sick of not doing anything. I’m a fulltime mum and that takes up 90% of my life. But I wanted to do something for me, to have an outlet when I’m stressed or anxious. Writing has always been my peace since I was young and I adore books, so what better choice was there?

 What’s your favourite type of book to review?

A good one? Haha! My favourite genre’s are YA, NA, Horror and Fantasy. I also prefer reviewing a standalone book as to a series.

 Most anticipated read of 2018?

Gosh there’s too many! I will say Shadowsong by S.Jae-Jones is my number one! But I’m also pumped for Legendary by Stephanie Garber and Ace Of Shades by Amanda Foody.

 How many books do you want to read in 2018?

My Goodreads goal this year is 50. I went over my goal of 40 last year by reading 45, so I think 50 is a good challenge. Feel free to add me on Goodreads, my page is in the sidebar ☺.

Now as I said, I don’t like to make resolutions. The majority of people only set them because it’s ‘new year’ and it’s a fad. I don’t go for that. I like to set small goals throughout the year to keep me motivated.

This year I’d like to lose some more baby weight, so my goal is a stone by May.

I’d also like to be more organised, so I plan to get a journal and try to set myself mini goals every month.

I’d like to try and push myself a bit more. My anxiety is the worst it’s been in years and I want to fight it! I have a few events planned this month that I’m terrified of, but I’m going to push through!

That’s all I have for now, I’ll update you later on in the year.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2018? I’d love to know!

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for this post, I appreciate you all!

Until next time ❣


Everless – Sara Holland – Arc Review

Everless Arc.jpg

Book logoSynopsis

In the kingdom of Sempera, time is currency—extracted from blood, bound to iron, and consumed to add time to one’s own lifespan. The rich aristocracy, like the Gerlings, tax the poor to the hilt, extending their own lives by centuries.

No one resents the Gerlings more than Jules Ember. A decade ago, she and her father were servants at Everless, the Gerlings’ palatial estate, until a fateful accident forced them to flee in the dead of night. When Jules discovers that her father is dying, she knows that she must return to Everless to earn more time for him before she loses him forever.

But going back to Everless brings more danger—and temptation—than Jules could have ever imagined. Soon she’s caught in a tangle of violent secrets and finds her heart torn between two people she thought she’d never see again. Her decisions have the power to change her fate—and the fate of time itself.

Book logoMy Rating

Sorcery, blood, desire, discovering you hold the key that could save them all?

Book logoMy Thoughts

First off, this book cover is gorgeous! And that’s just the arc, imagine what the finished book will look like!

Second, I absolutely adored this book! Sit back, relax, I’ll tell you why!

Jules –  she’s one of the best characters I’ve ever come across. She’s unbelievably strong and incredibly selfless! She’d rather bleed herself and give her time to her father, than live without him. She’s also very loyal to her friends and would see herself without, to give them an easier life. I can’t put into words how much I love the girl, she’s truly amazing!

I found it very easy to connect with the characters, as they were fleshed out so well and had so many emotions that were believable. Always a sign of a good book!

The idea that blood is used for time is so unique and like nothing I’ve ever read before. It’s also really heartbreaking to see so many people bleeding themselves just to get by, it really pulled at my heart strings and added plenty of depth to the story. I really got a feel of how these people were living, or surviving.

Everless is an extraordinary place, meticulously run by many servants trying to earn their time. At the heart of it are the Gerling’s, the family who basically own everyone and tax people time just for existing, it’s all very dark. Jules ends up back at Everless, after being kicked out with her father when she was little. She tolerates it just to make enough time for her father, see, selfless!

The two Gerling brothers, Liam and Roan, are still at Everless and remember who Jules is. Roan was Jules’ childhood love and she still harbours these feelings for him, although he is due to be married. It’s a huge web of heartbreak and deceit and was executed perfectly. Although I do think Jules was very naive in this situation, just saying.

I honestly love Liam, I had a suspicion about him from the onset and my suspicions are usually right, I won’t say more, just know that I love the boy!

Jules goes through a roller coaster of revelations about herself and delves into centuries of dark secrets. I really feel for her, she’s torn so much in the book and has to dig into deep places that she would rather keep away from.

The pace of the book was pretty even, not too long not too short. There’s a lot to discover in this book but I never got bored and finished it within two days.

I was genuinely so surprised by Everless, it had a lot of promise but I never expected it to be so great! It releases on January 2nd (psstt that’s my birthday). I can’t wait for the sequel to be released, which is ages away ☹


*I would like to thank Netgalley for sending me the E-arc in return for an honest review and Hachette Children’s for sponsoring our blogging group and sending us the physical arcs*

Sara Holland

The Christmas Tag



I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! It’s the last Christmas themed tag today and I left this one especially for Christmas day since it’s all about Christmas traditions!

Ash from ForTheLoveOfBooks tagged me, thanks you babe!

☆ Use one noise to describe how excited you are for christmas.


☆ Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

I used to open one when I was little but not now, I do however give my son his Christmas pj’s.

☆ What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?

I look forward to decorating the Christmas tree on the 1st of December and wrapping presents on Christmas eve with a glass of wine whilst watching Christmas With The Kranks.

☆ Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Fake with fake snow, I have kids so it wouldn’t be very safe to get a real one, nor do I have the space.

☆ What is your favourite Christmas film?

There are many but I LOVE The Polar Express.

☆ Where do you usually spend your holiday?

At home with my husband and kids.

☆ What is your favourite Christmas song?

Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens.

☆ What is your all-time favourite holiday food/sweet treat?

Lindors and Celebrations!

☆ Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

I think everyone likes to receive a gift, but as I’ve got older and had kids, I’m not too bothered. I look forward to watching their faces when they open their presents, that’s the best gift to me!

☆ What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

I just love it! I love all of the lights around town and the decorations and Christmas markets. It’s just the best time of year!

☆ When do you start getting excited for Christmas?

After Halloween!

☆ What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

Probably my necklace that my husband bought me when we were like 16! I still wear it every day.

☆ What is the worst present you’ve ever received?

I’m not too sure, I appreciate all gifts! But if someone gives me something with coffee in it or nuts then I’m not happy!

☆ As a kid, did a sibling ever receive a present that you wished was for you?

Nah, we both got the best gifts!

☆ What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

Iceland, I’d love to see the Northern Lights!

☆ Most memorable Holiday moment?

Getting up a 3am with my brother one Christmas, waking up my mum and opening all of the presents. We all fell asleep on the sofa at like 7am!

☆ Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?

I don’t really make them. I like to make small goals through the year instead and stick to them.

☆ What makes the holidays special for you?

Being with my little family! That’s all I could ask for!

☆ What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

My kids opening their presents and then watching Christmas films. Oh and stuffing our faces!

☆ You have been granted one Christmas wish…what will it be?

For my family to have the most wonderful day and for the house to miraculously clean itself up, PLEASE?! And for the new year to be bright and happy.

I tag:

That’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas tags for the run up to Christmas, I’ve had a blast writing them! I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year! ❣


The Christmas Song Book Tag


Hello lovelies!

It’s the THIRD tag for the run up to Christmas! IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! Yaaay I’m so excited for tomorrow, what are your plans for Christmas day?

Once again my lovely Megs from BetweenThePages tagged me in this one, thank you girl!

I do love a good Christmas song, they are definitely my guilty pleasure, so I’m so excited to hop on this tag!


Q1: “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” Name a villainous character you couldn’t help but love?

Captain Hook from Peter Pan, come on you gotta love Hook!

Q2: “All I Want for Christmas is You” Which book do you most hope to see under your Christmas tree?

I was just recently gifted Stalking Jack The Ripper in my secret santa, so I’d love the sequel Hunting Prince Dracula!

Q3: “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” Name a character that overcomes major obstacles and learns to believe in themselves?

Eragon from The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. Eragon is only 15 when he becomes a dragon rider and he has to learn magic, how to fly a dragon and deal with a load of sh#t along the way! But he does learn to believe in himself.

Q4: “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” a) Which character do you think would be on the top of the naughty list? b) Which character do you think would be at the top of the nice list?

a) Scarlett and Tella’s dad from Caraval, he is a bad Christmas cookie!
b) Adrian from Renegades, he’s so kind and lovely and just wants what’s best for everyone!

Q5: “Frosty the Snowman” Which book just melts your heart?

When Dimple Met Rishi, it’s such a cute book and they are adorable!

Q6: “Feliz Navidad” Choose a book that takes place in a country other than your own?

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon, it’s set in LA in America and I’m in the UK.

Q7: “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” Which holiday themed book do you use to spread the Christmas joy?

I agree with Megs, the Harry Potter series is perfect for spreading Christmas joy! Everyone loves it and Christmas always takes place in the books, with gifts and feasts and decorations!

Q8: “Sleigh Ride” Which fictional character would you choose to spend the holidays with? 

Hermione! We could read together and discuss books, what better way is there to spend Christmas!

Q9: “Baby it’s Cold Outside” Which book that you didn’t like would you sacrifice to a fire to warm yourself up in the cold? 

This is a horrible question! I’d have to say Throne Of Glass! Sorry!

Q10: “Do You Hear What I Hear” Which book do you think everyone should read?

The BFG, it’s one of my favourite childhood books and films!


That concludes The Christmas Song Book Tag! This was a lot of fun, let me know what some of your favourite Christmas songs are down below. I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful Christmas eve!

I tag:


Until next time guys ❣


12 Days Of Christmas Book Tag


Hey guys!

Are you ready for tag number TWO for the run up to Christmas?! The 12 Days Of Christmas Tag was created by Ashley from FallingDownTheBookHole and I was tagged by my girl Megs from BetweenThePages – thanks babe!

This seems like a fun tag, so let’s dive in!

Q1: On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: a partridge in a pear tree. The partridge stood alone in the pear tree. What is your favourite stand alone?

Oh that question though! Gosh there’s SO many that I just love. I’m going to go with the most recent love of my life, Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones, it’s AMAZING!!

(Just realised this question was for a stand alone, of which Wintersong is not, oopsie! 🙈)

Q2: On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: two turtle doves. Love is in the air! Who is your one true pairing?

Ooh, I love Rhysand and Feyre!

Q3: On the third day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: Three French Hens. In the spirit of threes, what is the best trilogy you have read?

I haven’t read too many trilogies! The only set that stands out in my mind is ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas. Those books are glorious!

Q4: On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: four calling birds. Since series usually consist of four or more books, what is your favourite series?


Q5: On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: five golden rings. One ring to rule them all! Who is your Favourite Villain/Antagonist?

I love Bellatrix from HP, she’s a sick puppy but I love her! Oh and Draco, even though he’s not a total bad guy.

Q6: On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: six geese a laying. Creation is a beautiful thing. What is your favourite world/world-building?

Um, the wizarding world, duh!

Q7: On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: seven swans a swimming. Who needs seven swans when all it takes is one good animal sidekick? Who’s your favourite animal sidekick?

I love Tarik’s pet Patra from Nemesis by Anna Banks. She’s a giant cat who adores Tarik and is always by his side. She’s lovable and loyal and will pounce to protect Tarik!

Q8: On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: eight maids a milking. Milk is so 18th century. Which book or series takes beverages/food to a whole new level?

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, of course!! I wouldn’t mind an ever-lasting gobstopper.

Q9: On the ninth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: nine ladies dancing. Dancing is just one skill of a Lady! Who is your favourite kickass female lead?

There are so many strong female MC’s, but I’m going with Nova from Renegades by Marissa Meyer. I’m rooting for Nova completely, she is a total bad ass villain!

Q10: On the tenth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: ten lords a leaping. How about your favourite leading lad?

Eragon from The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. This book series gets totally overlooked, for no good reason! Eragon is brave, mentally strong and has such a good heart, I love him!

Q11: On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me: eleven pipes piping.  What is your favourite book or bookish thing with musical influence? (It can be about music, reference music a lot etc.)

Wintersong! This book is completely revolved around music, classical to be specific. We’re talking violins and piano’s and it’s so beautifully executed!

Q12: On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: 12 drummers drumming. Drum roll please…what is your favourite read of this year?

Really, you expect me to choose! I’m completely in love with Wintersong, it’s definitely my favourite, but I also loved Renegades, Caraval and Daughter Of The Burning City.

I had so much fun writing this one! Let me know what some of your answers would be?

I tag anyone who wants to do it!

Catch you later ❣


The Grinch Book Tag


Hey guys!

It’s incredibly close to Christmas now (eeeekk) so from today, I’ll be posting a Christmas themed tag each day for the run up to Christmas day! Get ready for a whole load of Christmas confessions, books and hopefully fun!

The Grinch Book Tag was originally created by Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes and my lovely friend Dani from TheIntrovertedBookNerd tagged me in this, thanks babe!

So from the title you can probably sense that this tag is based around negative book opinions, so this could get messy. I apologise in advance if I unintentionally offend anyone with my opinions, we can’t all love the same books unfortunately and it in no way invalidates your own opinion!

Keeping that in mind, Let’s dive in!

Q1: Half of the lights on the Christmas tree are burnt out: Name a book/series/character that started out good but then went downhill?
Tricky question for me. I actually haven’t read too many series’ compared to standalone’s or duo’s. I’ll say The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, this was a standalone that I read recently. It was promising and then I got a bit bored, not enough action for the plot.

Q2: Annoying Great Aunt Sally who will not leave you alone: Name a book that you didn’t enjoy, but everyone else seems to love so it never goes away?
First off I just want to mention that I LOVED the ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Maas, but Throne Of Glass just didn’t do it for me! I know so many people adore the series and will probably hate me, but I just DO NOT like it, there!

Q3: Your pets keep knocking over the Christmas decoration: Name a character that kept messing things up for everyone else. (Can’t pick a villain.)?
Although I enjoyed Firelines by Cara Thurlbourn, the MC Emi really annoyed me at times. I could not fathom the rationale behind some of her decisions, they didn’t help anyone and just confused me.

Q4: You hear your parents putting out the presents and learn Santa isn’t real: Name a book you were spoiled for?
I really really dislike spoilers! And they’re very common amongst Twitter goers and the like, it’s so frustrating. CAN WE PLEASE PRIVATELY DM INSTEAD OF PUBLICLY! There have been many a book that I haven’t read because it was spoiled and some that I still needed to read. One of these being Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. I saw a conversation about this PUBLICLY and found out the whole twist of the book! WHY! I still decided to read it and am glad I did, but seriously, STOP!!

Q5: It’s freezing outside: Name a main character you just couldn’t connect with?
A few months back I read The Sublime Karma by Peyton Garver and the MC Brie was just.. just not good. Her mental health and emotions were totally contradicted with her actions. I couldn’t connect with her because it seemed so fake and just didn’t add up!

Q6: Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ and it’s giving you anti-romantic feelings: Name a couple you couldn’t stand?
Meira and Theron from Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. I read the first book and really enjoyed it, what I did not enjoy was Meira’s choice of lover! SPOILER – The book begins with Meira and Mather (swoon, heart, love) having always loved each other and finally admitting to it! However, she suddenly decides her feelings have mysteriously dissipated and ends up with Theron, like what, how, WHY? No, just no!! This is why I have never read the sequel! I’m a bitter puddin’.

Q7: That scratchy homemade wool sweater you got for Christmas years ago but won’t get rid of: Show some books that have been sitting on your shelves for awhile and you aren’t motivated to read, but you don’t have the heart to get rid of?
I’m going with the Sequel here, Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch. My husband bought it me whilst I was reading Snow Like Ashes, but I just can’t bring myself to read it. The reason may be silly to some but I just HATE IT!! I also can’t get rid of it because it was a gift!

Q8: Grandma got run over by a reindeer: Name a character death you still are mad about? (Warn people for spoilers! You can also use tv or movie deaths.)
SPOILER for Harry Potter!
Fred, why?! Dobby, why? Don’t make me remember them, I WILL CRY!! I also agree with Dani on The Bridge To Terabithia, shocking and heartbreaking!

Q9: The malls are overly crowded with holiday shoppers: Name a series that has too many books in it/went on too long?
Again, the Throne Of Glass series. Will it ever stop? Unlikely.

Q10: The Grinch: Name one character you HATE. (No villains)
Yeaahh .. Celaena/Aelin from, you guessed it, Throne Of Glass. Please no one execute me! From what I’ve read, she is incredibly impulsive and ignorant. I just couldn’t warm to her, hence my inability to read the series!

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That conclude’s The Grinch Book Tag! I really hope I haven’t upset anyone! Until next time guys ❣


Boy Of Blood – Megan O’Russell – Cover Reveal

Book Cover Reveal

Hello my loves!

I have another cover reveal for you today! I might be slightly obsessed, but I love working with Fiery Seas Publishing, they’re a great company! So we’ve teamed up again to bring you this wonderful cover.

Boy Of Blood by Megan O’Russell is a YA Dystopian novel and is the second in the Girl Of Glass series, I will be reviewing Girl Of Glass in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that. Here’s the synopsis. 

Book logoSynopsis

After Nightland’s vicious attack on the domes, the safety and perfection of the world within the glass has been contaminated. Desperate to rebuild, outsiders are allowed into the domes to help, breaking the cardinal rule: outsiders and Domers must always be separated. But the city is in shambles, crumbling into chaos without the Vampers of Nightland to keep order, and one name is carried on the wind: Nola.

Clinging to Jeremy, Nola struggles to find a way to exist in the domes, turning her back on all she learned in the city. But when one of the outsiders brings the dark secrets of the domes to light, the line between survival and murder blurs against the spectre of the dying world.

Can Nola follow the dark path laid out by the Domes? Will the dangers of the night become her new sanctuary?

About The Author

Megan O'Russell.jpg

Megan O’Russell is the author of the young adult fantasy series The Tethering, and Nuttycracker Sweet, a Christmas novella. Megan’s short stories can also be found in several anthologies, including Athena’s Daughters 2, featuring women in speculative fiction. Megan is a professional performer who has spent time on stages across the country and is the lyrist for Second Chances: The Thrift Shop Musical, which received its world premiere in 2015. When not on stage or behind a computer, Megan can usually be found playing her ukulele or climbing a mountain with her fantastic husband.

Find out more about the author here:

Cover Reveal

Boy of Blood Ebook.jpg

I just love this cover, it’s very vivid and eye catching and call me weird but I love the blood splatter and the cracked glass! Dani, I know you will like this one! 

The book is set to be released April 10th 2018 by Fiery Seas Publishing. 

I hope you enjoyed, catch you later ❣