Spring Fling Read-A-Thon – Update

Spring Fling Readathon

Hey guys!

I’ve been enjoying the sun here in the UK this week, but as the weather has changed I’ve developed a cold. This is a regular thing for me, so don’t send out the Get Well Soon cards just yet, I’ll be back on form soon!

As for my reading, I’ve had a lot going on this last week at home, including lots of stressful situations and depressing moments, so I haven’t done too well with the challenges.

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spring fling cats

I’ve been working on the Popping Daisies challenge by reading The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill. I’m about 30 pages away from being done so I’m counting it as a Challenge Complete! Have you read it? What did you think? I’ll have a review up soon!

the surface breaks

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Sorry this was a short update! I’m trying my best to just get through life right now and continue blogging, bear with me please!

How far have you gotten with the challenges this week? I’d love to know!

Remember you can still join the Read-A-Thon by signing up HERE.

If you want to know all about the Spring Fling Read-A-Thon check out my first post HERE.

Happy reading ❣



Shuffle The Music Tag

TagI'm It

Hey guys!

So aswell as being a lover of books, I’m also a big fan of music. I often hunker down, stick on my Spotify and chill. I enjoy a good mix of music, pop, rock, dance etc, so this should be interesting!

Thank you to the lovely Ash for tagging me! Go check out her post guys, it’s a rocker!


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  1. Thank the person who nominated you for this tag and link to their blog.
  2. Shuffle your entire music library (no matter how old songs the songs are) and talk about the FIRST FIFTEEN songs that come up (anything like why they are there, if they signify something, any story, why you like them, etc.)
  3. Mention the songs as well as the artists.
  4. Tag 7 people or more to do this tag and please let them know!

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#1 Dua Lipa – Homesick

I discovered this song a few weeks back, as well as Dua Lipa and immediately fell in love. The melody is beautiful and I adore the Piano.

#2 You Me At Six – Stay With Me

You may not believe it but I’m a huge fan of rock music. Stay With Me is just a great song and that guitar though!!

#3 The 1975 – Chocolate

I absolutey adore The 1975, they’re just so different and alternative, kind of pop/rock/indie. They’re local to me, from Manchester which definitely motivates my obsession.

#4 Avril Lavigne – Let Me Go

I love a bit of Avril! We all sang along to Girlfriend in high school right? I love Let Me Go and I’m not mad at the inclusion of Chad Kroeger either!

#5 Pink – What About Us

Pink is the princess of rock! I’ve loved her music since the Get This Party Started days and her newer music is soo good!

#6 Charlie Puth – We Don’t Talk Anymore

I mean Charlie has an amazing voice and I’m partial to a bit of Selena Gomez too, great song!

#7 Nickleback – If Everyone Cared

What?! Nickleback is good people, I don’t get why everyone hates them? This is by far not my favourite song by them, but I like the meaning.

#8 Travis Atreo – Clean

I love this mans voice! He’s such a beautiful singer and I really like the meaning behind the song. I believe Taylor Swift wrote it but I’ve never head her version.

#9 Illenium – Beautiful Creatures 

Honestly I just like this song. I’m not familiar with the artist and I only found it recently.

#10 Paloma Faith – Make Your Own Kind Of Music 

This song was originally sang by Mama Cass back in 1969. I honestly think Paloma did an amazing version of it, it’s my most recent obsession! I love the meaning behind it, it’s so upbeat and fun and you can just dance to it!

#11 The Piano Guys – Beethoven’s 5 Secrets

I discovered The Piano Guys on YouTube a couple of years ago. They are stunning musicians and they recreate songs into classical music. Beethoven’s 5 Secrets is a mix of One Republic’s tune “Secrets” with melodies from all four movements of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. It’s one of my favourites!

#12 The Piano Guys – A Thousand Years

This piece holds a special place in my heart. I loved the original by Christina Perri and when I found this I fell in love and knew it was prefect for walking to on my wedding day. It will always remind me of marrying my incredible husband ❤

#13 Kygo – Stranger Things 

I like my dance music too and Kygo always comes out with a banger! I love the summery feel to this one.

#14 Ellie Goulding – Goodness Gracious

I love ALL of Ellie’s music. Her voice is so unusual and she’s got a lot about her. Goodness Gracious is just a fun upbeat song, the video is pretty cool too.

#15 5 Seconds Of Summer – Youngblood

OMG this song! It’s so freaking good. I am OBSESSED. I love these boys already but this is a TUNE! Tell me this doesn’t have you toe tapping and head banging?!

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This was so much fun! I honestly don’t have seven people to tag, so I tag anyone who wants to do it!

Until next time ❣




Spring Fling Read-A-Thon

Spring Fling Readathon.jpg

Hey bookworms!

So I have an exciting post to share with you guys! Me and four wonderful co-hosts, are hosting a month long read-a-thon. This will be the first in our Seasonal-A-Thon series, which will be a quarterly read-a-thon, with a new edition each season!

Spring Fling – is all about, you guessed it, Spring!

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My Co-Hosts

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  • The read-a-thon begins May 15 and ends June 15.
  • Sign up in the link at the end to officially participate; please link to a read-a-thon intro post and feel free to use our graphics 😀 [include your TBR!]
  • Read books according to the categories, listed below in any order you choose!
  • Post a weekly catch-up on your blog or elsewhere and link up!
  • There is the possibility of a random participant prize drawing – stay tuned!

spring fling cats.png

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Flower Power – A Place Called Perfect by Helena Duggan.

a place called perfect.jpg

Popping Daisies – The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill.

the surface breaks.jpg

Blooming Time – The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

the hobbit.jpg

May Flowers – Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt.

skin deep.jpg

Bird Song – Shadowsong by S.Jae-Jones.


Spring Clean – Stalking Jack The Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco.


Nature Call – The Waking Land by Callie Bates.

the waking land.jpg

Ice Cream – Bellamy & The Brute by Alicia Michaels.

bellamy & the brute.jpg

Spring Showers – Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix by J.K Rowling.

HP & TOOTP.jpg

Wild Beauty – Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore.

wild beauty.jpg

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There we go! The chances of me getting through all of my TBR are slim, but I will try my best since I have a month!

If you’re joining the Spring Fling, please link up HERE. Also follow our Season-A-Thon Twitter account for updates!

If you have any burning questions, please feel free to ask any of us via this post or Twitter! We’ll try out best to solve any problems, but bare with us as we are new to this hosting thing!

Happy reading ❣


Book Blogger Test

TagI'm It

Hello my loves!

I’ve been tagged in the Book Blogger Test by both my gorgeous friend’s Ash and Dani, head over to their blogs to check out their awesomeness!


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1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog
2. Answer the ten questions asked on this post
3. Nominate at least five people to do it also
4. Let your nominees know you nominated them

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  1. Love triangles!
  2. Insta-love
  3. Book cover changes


  1. I have dogeared a book in the past – I know I’M SORRY!! I 100% use bookmarks now!
  2. I bought the first two books in a series, read the first, hated it and never gave the second a chance.
  3. I can be really slow with review books! I feel so bad for it, but I’m a mood reader and can’t force myself to read a certain book.


Probably when reading Love Simon, it was happy tears, it’s a sweet book.


I used to be a real bedside hoarder and could have up to 15 books piled high, but I’ve since put a stop to it and don’t read in bed at the moment, so none.


I don’t generally snack whilst reading because I get so immersed in the book.


  1. Renegades by Marissa Meyer – READ IT!
  2. The HP series – you need them all!
  3. Uprooted by Naomi Novik – so so good!


It’s not in its full glory right now, I’m in the middle of hanging lights and replacing props!



I’m not overly interested in reading the Cassandra Clare books. I have the Mortal Instruments boxset, but feel no pull to read them.

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I tag:


Feel free to do this tag or not! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time ❣




Bakerdays – Product Review

bakerdays.jpg*Bakerdays Logo*

Hey guys!

This is a completely different post than you’re used to, but I couldn’t pass up a chance to eat cake right? I’m really excited to be sharing this with you guys!

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Bakerdays is an online cake shop that specialises in creating unique and personalised cakes. They can create cakes for many occasions, anything from birthday cakes to engagement cakes to cupcakes. They even have the Letterbox cake, this is what I received to review.


The Letterbox cake is a marvellous idea! Do you want to send a friend a celebratory ‘you got the job’ cake? This is the perfect product for such an occasion. The cake fits perfectly through your letterbox, ready to be opened up and devoured. The first item in the box is a cute little ‘just for you’ card which I think is a nice extra touch. You also have your order slip and a handy list of ingredients contained in the cake, this is an excellent inclusion, especially for people who may have allergies.


Then comes the best part, the cake! I honestly did not expect this adorable little tin to be included! I love this extra special touch, it makes the product feel rather premium and of course you can keep it and re-use it, bonus! mmmm cake!


I love love love this design! I chose it myself from the website – it felt very me 😉 There are dozens of designs to choose from for various occasions, or you can ask the in house designer to create one for you and then personalise the cake in any way you like, including photo’s. You then choose the filling, I went with ‘ultimate chocolate chip’ but there’s plenty of choice. Are you a victoria sponge fan or lemon drizzle? You can also ask for gluten free, wheat free and dairy free which is amazing!

My verdict

I really loved the Letterbox concept. You could use it for so many different occasions and have it conveniently posted with their speedy delivery service. I love how much you can personalise the cake, be it with a specially created design or your child’s face slap bang in the middle, the possibilities are endless.

The packaging was perfect. I liked the added ingredient list and the unexpected little mmm cake tin! The design was just what I wanted and it was delicious! The icing wasn’t too sweet, so I didn’t feel sick and the cake was moist chocolatey deliciousness!

For the price you pay (£14.99) it was exceptional service and an exceptional product. I will definitely be using Bakerdays again!


Fancy trying your own Letterbox cake or another product from Bakerdays? The fabulous company kindly provided me with a 15% off code for you guys! Add BOOKHOOKEDNOOK15 at the checkout to claim your discount!

Thank you so much to Bakerdays for sending the cake my way in return for an honest review!

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time ❣


Blood Will Out – Jo Treggiari – Arc Review

blood will out

Synopsis Logo

Ari Sullivan is alive—for now.

She wakes at the bottom of a cistern, confused, injured and alone, with only the shadowy recollection of a low-pitched voice and a gloved hand. No one can hear her screams. And the person who put her there is coming back. The killer is planning a gruesome masterpiece, a fairytale tableau of innocence and blood, meticulously designed.

Until now, Ari was happy to spend her days pining for handsome, recent-arrival Stroud Bellows, fantasizing about their two-point-four-kids-future together. Safe in her small hometown of Dempsey Hollow. But now her community has turned very dangerous—and Ari may not be the only intended victim.

My Rating Logo

3 star logo

Warning: Contains violence, very graphic scenes and animal abuse.

My Thoughts

We begin the story with the protagonist Ari trapped at the bottom of a cistern. I liked how the story brought you straight into the action, not knowing who did this or how it happened. It’s a really interesting concept. I had a lot of questions swimming in my head and it definitely drew me into the story and made me want to read on. Ari had a lot of trouble recalling what had happened due to the huge trauma to her body and more importantly her head. I was really rooting for her and urging her to remember something, anything!

The part that really intrigued me was who the second point of view was – the perpetrator. From this angle, we saw into their head and also their past. How they became to be this way and the actions they took to get to the present. These scenes were very psychotic and very violent to say the least. I enjoyed trying to figure out who the perpetrator was from these parts, but while this really interested me, it was also very difficult to read at certain points due to the extreme content.

Here’s my main problem with this book. It took way too long for the story to move on! The first 50% or so is switching between Ari in the cistern and the perpetrator. That’s a very long time for nothing to happen. This also made the second half of the book feel rather rushed and a tad confusing at times.

Some of the characters didn’t feel very real to me, especially Ari’s parents. They didn’t want to believe anything that Ari was saying and assumed she was having problems because of her head injury. Whilst I understand you would be concerned about her memories or lack of them, wouldn’t you also believe your child? Especially when they keep repeating it? I don’t know, it just didn’t feel very genuine.

The ending for me was very lacklustre. I had all these guesses at who the perpetrator was from their POV and when it was revealed, I was a bit miffed. It didn’t make a ton of sense to me and I was very confused. I was expecting this huge reveal and a battle to survive – what I got was a few pages of rolling around in the forest and a disappointing unveil – just meh.

It was a mostly enjoyable, if yet disturbing read and if you’re a fan of psychological horror books then go for it.

Line Breaker

I’d like to thank Penguin Teen and Netgalley for sending the book my way in return for an honest review.

Find the book: (due to release June 5th 2018)



Inside Out Book Tag

TagI'm It

Hey guys!

I saw this tag on Kristi’s blog Boston Book Reader and decided to steal it! Kristi always does the best tags amongst other things, she’s amazing!

The original tag is from Kristina Horner’s YouTube channel. I adore the Inside Out film so I had to do this tag!


Line Breaker

Joy: Which book brings you the most joy?

Has to be the Harry Potter series! I bet you were all surprised by that answer 😉

Disgust: Which book grossed you out the most?

Finding Kyler by Siobhan Davis, I liked that book until the icky ending, just nah!

Fear: The book that scared you more than anything?

I don’t really scare easily from books, but anything by Stephen King is pretty terrifying.

Sadness: Which book made you cry the hardest?

Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix, waaahh!!

Anger: Which book pissed you off? 

Most recently The Royal Companion by Tanya Bird. I don’t understand why there had to be abuse? It just really made me angry and I stopped reading at 74% because of it.

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This was a lot of fun, short and sweet, like me 😉

I tag:





Hope you enjoyed, until next time ❣


Monthly Wrap Up – April 2018

How I Choose My Books.jpg

Hey guys!

So April went fast huh. Did I blink and May just appeared?!

My goal for April was to do better than March’s five books, did I achieve that goal? – Nope (hangs head in shame).

I only managed to read four books and one of those was finishing a previously started book and one was a DNF – yeah I suck.

Line Breaker

red queen.jpg

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

  • Library paperback
  • ★★★★☆

IMG_20180422_081518 (2).jpg

In Fallen Woods by RN Merle

  • E-book copy from author
  • ★★★★☆
  • Review

blood will out

Blood Will Out by Jo Treggiari

  • Netgalley arc (finished this month)
  • ★★★☆☆
  • Review to come

the royal companion

The Royal Companion by Tanya Bird

  • E-book (DNF at 74%)
  • ★★☆☆☆ (rated as I read so much of it)

Line Breaker

There you go, my shameful dirty book laundry! I do hope May is better for me. How many did you manage to read? Let me know!

Until next time ❣


The South Winds – Allison Mullinax – Cover Reveal

Book Cover Reveal (1)

Hi guys!

I’m really excited to be featuring Allison Mullinax on my blog once again! Allison is a brilliant author and I adore her previous book covers, but this one is my absolute favourite!

The South Winds is for lovers of Contemporary Romance (like me)! Here’s the synopsis.

Synopsis Logo

Cassie Ray, manager of her family’s successful oyster house, has never asked for much out of life. The sun, surf, and sand are her companions. The regulars and tourists that flock to The Slippery Oyster are her livelihood. But when the Atlantic kicks up a hurricane, sending waves of black water threatening the coast, Cassie quickly learns that the south winds have blown in a lot more than debris and saltwater.

​Dean Alexander left Turquoise Isle eight years ago and never looked back. With his sister’s wedding approaching, and a hurricane churning in the Gulf, Dean returns home, where he’s welcomed with a rip tide of memories determined to pull him under.

Will Cassie and Dean make it through the crashing waves of the past? Will they get a second chance before it’s too late or will the storm ahead be too much for them to handle?

Line Breaker

About The Author


North Alabama native, Allison Mullinax, grew up in the small lake town of Guntersville, AL. She discovered the escapism and addiction of writing at an early age. Today she remains a lover of reading, all things outdoors, and spending time with her husband and three daughters.

Find out more about the author here:


Line Breaker

Cover Reveal

South Winds.jpg

I love this cover! It’s so contemporary and very sweet. Definitely my favourite so far!

The book is due to be released on August 7th 2018 by Fiery Seas Publishing.

Hope you enjoyed, until next time ❣


The Spring Cleaning Book Tag

TagI'm It

Hey friends!

So I have another tag this week and my awesome friend Dani tagged me, as she usually does lol. I thought this tag was appropriate since it’s Spring (or supposed to be)!


Line Breaker

The struggle of getting started: A book or series you struggle to begin because of its size.

The Mortal Instruments box set that I own TERRIFIES me! I got it in January for my birthday and still haven’t read one!

mi box set.jpg

Cleaning out the closet: A book or series you want to unhaul.

I’ve mentioned this book a few times and I recently removed it and its sequel from my shelves! I’ll just never touch it again.

snow like ashes

Opening windows and letting fresh air in: A book that was refreshing.

Am I talking about Renegades again, YES I AM!!! Renegades is like nothing I have ever read before and It’s AMAZING!

Renegades GR

Washing out the sheets: A book with a scene you wish you could rewrite.

I was enjoying this book and was invested in the series until the ending. It’s just icky and I really hoped it hadn’t gone in that direction, I won’t be touching it now.

finding kyler.jpg

Throwing out unnecessary knick knacks: A book in a series you didn’t think was necessary.

I honestly don’t read many series’, but novella’s tend to not be needed.

Polishing doorknobs: A book that had a clean finish.

To Kill A Kingdom was just great from start to finish! The ending was tied up nicely.

To Kill A Kingdom

Reaching to dust the fan: A book that tried too hard to relay a certain message.

This book really annoyed me. The scenes were so cheesy and cliche high school and I just thought it was pushing too hard.

sublime karma full

The tiring, yet satisfying finish of spring cleaning: A book series that was tiring but satisfying to get through.

Ok, I ADORE this series. I read it so long ago and always go back to it. But it tired my poor heart and I needed the happy ending! Such an amazing contemporary series.

the summer trilogy.png

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I tag:




Hope you enjoyed! Until next time ❣