Fairyloot – Elementalists June Unboxing

*this post is very old and needs updating with pictures that were accidentally deleted*

So my first post was meant to be a book review – but then I received my June Fairyloot this morning and I couldn’t resist taking some snaps!

*Fairyloot box*

I discovered Fairyloot late last year and I’m SO glad that I did! I’ve had four boxes from them so far and they have all been so beautifully curated with so much love and effort put into the process. The June box is no different – this month’s theme was Elementalists which I was so excited for, I mean who doesn’t love a bit of Avatar right?!


The book this month was Roar by Cora Carmack, a unique YA story that follows magical storms, romance and adventure. This stunning book has been sitting on my TBR list for a while so I am super excited to receive it and cannot wait to get stuck in!

*Picture of Soap and Lipbalm*

Fairyloot always include several bookish items to accompany the book and this month was spectacular. Ascent Bath and Body made a gorgeous ‘Clairvoyance’ soap. White fig and pomegranate with shea butter and activated charcoal, it smells AMAZING! I cannot wait to jump in the shower and look into my future. Going along with the elements theme, Geeky Clean created a ‘Bending Lipbalm’ representing the four elements, I got air bender and it’s so dreamy creamy on the lips!


If the soap wasn’t enough of a treat for the senses, they also sent out five different ‘Stormheart Candles’ made by Witchwood Remedies. The individual candles are based on different storms featured in this months book – pretty cool right? – and contain crystals to match, along with botanical toppings. I got firestorm which smells very earthy and relaxing, all contained in a cute little tin.

*Picture of Bracelet, Sticky Notes and Postcard*

In the moment have created the ‘Hamsa Hand Bracelet’ which is a protective symbol, said to bring luck, health and good fortune. This piece is so pretty and delicate, it’s sure to become a classic piece in my jewelry box. If you’re a stationary fanatic – like me – I’m sure you’ll agree that these ‘Potion Sticky Notes’ are the most adorable things ever! Purple is for health, blue is for mana and yellow is stamina. These were created by Fairyloot themselves – so cute!! One of the bonus items this month is a beautifully designed Frostblood postcard, based on the book by Elly Blake. Who doesn’t love a bonus item?

*Picture of Pillowcase and Waking Land sample*

Probably one of my favourite items this month is the ‘Portable Magic Pillowcase’ by Miss Phi. I love cushions and especially book related ones, I would have them scattered in every nook and cranny if I could – I don’t think my husband would appreciate it – this one will be taking pride of place on my sofa, ready to cuddle up with a book. It’s a huge 18×18 and reads ‘Books Are A Uniquely Portable Magic’ I couldn’t agree more! The last bonus item this month was a sampler of ‘The Waking Land’ by Callie Bates. I was ecstatic when I saw this was included, I’ve been waiting for this book to release for so long and am SO excited to read the sampler. The full book is expected to release on June 27th 2017!!


Also included in the box is a letter from the author, a signed bookplate and interview with the author. Fairyloot have been creating exclusive book marks printed with the art work of the month, since April 2017. I think this is a lovely concept to collect them and remember your box with.

I will definitely be posting a review of Roar in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for that!