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Book logoSynopsis

When your blood line awakens, how do you choose between family and freedom?

Émi’s father used to weave beautiful tales of life beyond the wall, but she never knew if they were true. Now, her father is gone and Émi has been banished to the Red Quarter, where she toils to support herself and her mother – obeying the rules, hiding secrets and suffering the cruelties of the council’s ruthless Cadets.

But when Émi turns seventeen, sparks fly – literally. Her blood line surges into life and she realises she has a talent for magick… a talent that could get her killed.

Émi makes her escape, beyond the wall and away from everything she’s ever known. In a world of watchers, elephant riders and sorcery, she must discover the truth about who she really is. But can the new Émi live up to her destiny?

Book logoMy Rating

Forbidden magick, secrets, lies, how do you know who to trust with your life, when your world is ripped apart?

Book logoMy Thoughts

When I signed up for the blog tour, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Fire Lines. I was enticed by the description, elephant riders, sorcery, I mean why not?!

The beginning was a tad too slow for my liking, I took a while to get into it, but once I did I was hooked (bookhooked ;)). Emi’s story was so heartbreaking, I immediately sympathized for her and felt a strong connection to her character. She works so hard every chance she gets to earn money to survive and endures the torment of the cadets for her mother’s sake. I think everyone would like to be a bit more like Emi, she definitely inspired me to be braver.

I am a bit bitter about Emi’s mother. I feel sorry for her in a way, losing her husband and forced to live among the ‘dregs’ of society. But being a mother myself, I would do anything for my children and expected her to do the same, unfortunately that isn’t the case in this book – let’s leave it at that.

I love the watchers! I had to warm up to Alyssa but she’s honestly one of my favourite characters now. Strong willed, brave and loyal all the way – girl power! I adore all of the boys, Garrett is the joker of the group, Tsam is the protector and Kole is the one who you’re skeptical about but end up loving.

The world building was brilliantly done, without being too detailed that it bores you. Some of the creatures were so eerie and creepy in the best possible way. Cara created such an immersive story, one that I can’t wait to experience again!


About The Author

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Cara Thurlbourn writes children’s and young adult fiction. ‘Fire Lines’ is her first novel and it’s a story she’s been planning since she was fifteen years old.

Cara has a degree in English from the University of Nottingham and an MA in Publishing from Oxford Brookes University.

She lives in a tiny village in Suffolk and has worked in academic and educational publishing for nearly ten years. Cara blogs about her author journey and in November 2016 she crowdfunded her first children’s book. 10% of its profits are donated to animal rehoming charities.

Cara plans to write at least two more books in the Fire Lines series, as well as a young adult mystery series, and has lots more children’s stories waiting in the wings.

You can sign up for Cara’s newsletter, for updates and an awesome giveaway that includes a signed copy of Fire Lines, postcards, a bookmark, a badge and a handmade version of Emi’s necklace. You don’t want to miss this, sign up here:

You can find Cara on Twitter and Fire Lines on Goodreads and Amazon.  It release’s on the 26th September 2017!


23 thoughts on “Blog Tour – Fire Lines – Cara Thurlbourn – Review

  1. The cover really pretty! I got to admit, the first sentence you wrote in this blog post LITERALLY blew me away ‘When your blood line awakens, how do you choose between family and freedom?’ I like your honesty wben admitting it was a bit slow at first, but genuinely enjoyed the book.

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