The Dark Unseen – Andrew C. Jaxson – Novella Review

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Hud and his friends are camping in the mountains to celebrate finally finishing school. But something lurks in the darkness, something Hud has encountered before and can’t quite remember. Before this night is over, his whole world will shatter, and a powerful evil will reveal itself.

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Hair raising terror, evil dark shadows and a boy’s entire world shattered to pieces.

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I’ve feeling following Andrew on social media since I started my blog. I love creepy horror books and The Dark Unseen sounded so good. So when he sent out an email looking for advanced readers, I jumped at the chance to join – literally I was ECSTATIC when I saw the email and bounced around the room! Happily I joined the team and just received the prequel this morning.

The first thing I want to note is how ominous the cover is. It fits the book to a tee and is so eerily dark, I just love it!

The book opens up with Hudson and his friends, Daniel and Rebekah, camped out in the woods celebrating the end of school. It’s pretty innocent to begin with, some lighthearted banter and toasting marshmallows (you get the gist) but things soon take a dark turn very quickly and sh*t really hits the fan!

Hudson know’s something isn’t quite right and he struggles to recall the memory he’s been trying to push away for many years. Bit by bit it creeps back into his mind, like a black tendril itching to be awoken.

When he realizes what’s happening, it’s too late to escape. This isn’t a nightmare that he can wake from, he’s truly living it. The darkness has found him and it will do anything to eat him alive.

The atmosphere was incredibly eerie and I was scared to read the next page. I was on the edge of my seat constantly, waiting for something bad to happen! It was so tense and unnerving, but I couldn’t put the book down until I reached the finish line.

Guys, if you enjoy being scared out of your mind and want to be pulled into a world of darkness, then I HIGHLY recommend you add this to your TBR list!

The Dark Unseen is a short prequel to The Fire Unseen, Andrew’s debut novel which will be released in November. You can get the prequel FREE on October 13th (thumbs up for Friday the 13th release) by signing up to Andrew’s newsletter here


*I’d like to thank Andrew for sending the book my way in return for an honest review*

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