Falling For Fall – Tag

Autumn has to be my favourite time of year. The early nights start creeping in and the air is cool and crisp. When I saw Britt was doing this tag, I had to wave my arm frantically and shout 'pick me pick me'! Like the lovely friend she is she tagged me and I'm so excited… Continue reading Falling For Fall – Tag

The Dark Unseen – Andrew C. Jaxson – Novella Review

Synopsis Hud and his friends are camping in the mountains to celebrate finally finishing school. But something lurks in the darkness, something Hud has encountered before and can't quite remember. Before this night is over, his whole world will shatter, and a powerful evil will reveal itself. My Rating ★★★★☆ Hair raising terror, evil dark… Continue reading The Dark Unseen – Andrew C. Jaxson – Novella Review