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I’ve been having Book Tag withdrawals, so I’m back with another one! My lovely friend Megs from BetweenThePages kindly tagged me, thank you babe!

This tag is all about getting to know my blogging habits a bit more!

The Rules: 
Answer the questions down below.
Credit the tag creator InkGirlWords.
Nominate as many unsuspecting souls as possible! (or atleast 5).

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Getting To Know You Better

How long have you been blogging? 
I made the blog back in June this year! Ahhh I’ve come so far in just five months and made so many amazing friends!

Do you enjoy doing tags?

Do you follow the blogs that follow you?
Yes I do, if someone has taken the time to look at my blog and likes it, then I like to return the favour. I’m all about supporting fellow bloggers!

Describe your blog in five words?
Books, Reviews, Honest, Passionate, Personal.

How many posts have you made on your blog (not counting this tag)? 
To this date (16th November) I’ve posted 33. I only post 1-2 per week at the moment. Hoping to up that next year!

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you enjoy blogging? 
Is there any other answer but 10?! I adore blogging, I was so hesitant to make a blog but I’m so happy I did! I’ve made so many wonderful friends and it gives me an outlet in life!

Post some links to blogs you enjoy reading: 
Oh gosh – this is difficult! Here are a FEW!


Writing or reading blog posts?
Can I say both? I love reading other people’s reviews and tags! But I also really enjoy writing and sharing my posts!

Line Breaker

I tag:


I hope you enjoyed guys!


37 thoughts on “Getting To Know You Better – Tag

  1. This is one of my favorite tags ever &, like you, I adore tags, even if I sometimes take forever to post them! LOL! I love how you described your blog in five words! Keep up the good work, girl!!!!

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  2. Glad you’re enjoying this community! It can be a lot of work at times, but worth it if you balance it with everything else going on in your life!

    Liked by 1 person

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