GUEST POST: 10 Steps To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse by Aydin Guner

Hey guys!

If you’ve been following my blog for an amount of time, you will know that I have struggled with mental health and anxiety for many years. This stems from bullying when I was young and affected my self-esteem dramatically. Starting my blog and finding love in writing again has helped me begin to deal with my problems.

Aydin’s story hit home and really spoke volumes to me. So I wanted him to share his story here, to hopefully spread the message and help similar individuals build their confidence and find their path in life again.



How writing helped me cope with my depression

I was working on The Devil In I for a few years as a concept work. I always imagined what it’d be like if the Devil lived among us in modern day, but in truth, after the first quarter of it, I wasn’t really sure where to take the story, until I encountered someone who had the strangest character traits I’d ever seen: manipulative, jealous, vengeful narcissistic, all under the guise of ‘an innocent person’. Long story short, the relationship railroaded me and I lost everything, my self-esteem, reputation and direction in life. I found myself emotionally ruined picking up the remnants, which was once my life.

After tirelessly trying to figure out what had just happened over the past year of my life, I realised this person was a toxic covert narcissist. Furthermore, I discovered other people had this too. This helped me in my writing in a major way because it made for great characters! I opened up the novel I’d been working on for the past 2 years and started using the character traits of Covert Narcissism I’d discovered for the characters in the story. It felt great; it injected life into the story and brought the characters to life. Furthermore, it was extremely therapeutic. It allowed me to shine a light on the toxic people in my life. The world isn’t overly familiar with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, so this was my chance to highlight it. It was my chance to discuss the psychological condition and show the dangers of things like Gaslighting and Triangulation.

During my darkest days, I couldn’t talk to anyone about what I was going through. No one seemed to care and no one understood. Everyone thought I was being paranoid and ‘over thinking’ it. Instead, writing became my best friend. The characters I wrote became familiar to me. I brought them to life and was able to communicate my inner pain through them.

I’ve just released a book called ’10 Steps To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse’ and that book would never have been released if I hadn’t of had that light bulb moment several years ago. If it wasn’t for writing, I don’t know where I’d be now. Writing has helped me quash my demons (or at least suppress them), it has been a friend to me, it has allowed me to vent and, most importantly, has allowed me to help people.

If you’re going through a hard time in your life, I highly recommend you write about it. You’ll be surprised how much it can help.

Aydin’s new book ’10 Steps To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse’ is available now from Connect with him via his website

10 steps

An informative, thorough and personal guide to overcoming Narcissistic Abuse
10 Steps To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse – eBook £8.99
Published 28th November 2017

10 Steps To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse will give you the tools you need to rise above the narcissist and rebuild your life.

Narcissistic Abuse can best be described as the psychological damage and aftermath one
suffers when they have experienced a prolonged period of time with a person who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In the modern world, these superficial, pride filled people are all around us and the devastation they can cause through covert bullying and smear campaigns can be incredibly destructive.

10 Steps To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse reveals the changes Aydin himself made to
change his life after struggling with the presence of several narcissists. He made key
changes to regain control over his life and regain lost confidence and self-esteem. Narcissists are soul-destroying beings who have the power to leave your life in tatters.

Although sometimes it may not be clear, there is always a way back. Know that you are destined for greater things and this book will help you reach the next stage of your life.


Aydin Guner is a writer and musician from Liverpool. He takes an active interest in raising awareness about the dangers of covert narcissism, and has published another eBook on the issue, Behind The Mask: An Introduction Into Covert Narcissism, and is an avid vlogger on the subject. He has also published a novel, The Devil In I. Find out more at Connect on twitter @AydinGuner66 and find him on YouTube at AydinRD.

For further information please contact Leanne Coombes at

29 thoughts on “GUEST POST: 10 Steps To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse by Aydin Guner

  1. Wow. I really love this. I myself have been a victim of narcissistic abuse. I was in a relationship with a narcissist for 6 years and it totally destroyed me as a person. I am just now finding myself again and I’m still healing from it. I just may pick this book up. Thank you so much for sharing. ❤️

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. I’m sorry that you had the experience of meeting a person like this. 😦 Great post, definitely going to check 10 Steps To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse out. I know a few people who may benefit from reading it. x

    Liked by 1 person

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