Easter Book Tag

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Happy Easter my friends! I have a special Easter tag that Dani once again tagged me in, thanks babe!

This tag was originally created by Rosie at Rosie the Reader over on YouTube!


Line Breaker

Rabbits – A book you wish you could multiply.

To Kill A Kingdom.jpg

To Kill A Kingdom was honestly so so stunning and I want more! Whilst I love a good stand alone and prefer them, I would really like to learn more about some of the character’s back stories!

Egg – A book that surprised you.


Uprooted was an unexpected love of my life! It’s not super high fantasy or super high romance, so the fact that I love it is something spectacular indeed!

Hunt – A book that was hard for you to get your hands on.

red queen.jpg

I’ve been looking for Red Queen in the library for the last couple of weeks. I’m supposed to be reading the series with some friends as a group and it’s still not back in! I’ll end up buying it soon and be so behind the rest of the group! Sigh.

Lambs – A children’s book that you still enjoy.


I could say Harry Potter, but I’ll be different for once 😉 ! I’ve loved Coraline ever since I read it when I was 11 and I still have this exact copy from my school library!

Spring – A book with a cover that makes you think of Spring.

everything everything.jpg

I suppose the cover of Everything Everything could be Spring or Summer, but it’s more Spring to me.

Jesus – A religious or spiritual book that you love.

I’m not religious so I don’t have an answer.

Rising From the Dead – A book from a deceased author.


Book or play, Shakespeare will always be one of my loves and Romeo & Juliet is my favourite.

Baskets – A book that is in your Amazon cart or wishlist right now.

into the drowning deep.jpg

I had Into The Drowning Deep recommended to me in my search for mermaid/siren books. It’s sitting in my Amazon basket just waiting, soon my friend, I shall have thee.

Candy – A book that is sweet.

when dimple met rishi.jpg

When Dimple Met Rishi is such a sweet story and Rishi is the cutest boy ever!

Line Breaker

I tag:


I hope you all have a great Easter and obviously stuff your faces with chocolate!

Until next time ❣



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