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Hey guys, it’s tag time again! Dani kindly tagged me for this one and she found the post on Jenn’s blog Bound To Writing.

You know I love a good book tag, this looks like fun!


Line Breaker

Audiobook OR Text book?

Text, I’m not a fan of Audio books, just not for me.

Paperback OR Hardback?

From a collectors point of view Hardback, they stay nice for longer, but Paperbacks are easier to hold for me.

Fiction OR Non-fiction?

Fiction til the day I die. Non-Fiction is so boring for me.

Bookshop OR Online?

Um, this is a bit of both. I love going to bookshops and browsing, but I definitely buy more online.

Standalone OR Trilogy?

Standalone definitely. Whilst a trilogy can be fun, I also find them tedious. I hate waiting til the end of an entire series to fully know the end. I also find that I can get bored and stop mid series.

Heavy & Long OR Short & Sweet?

Short and sweet. It’s the same kind of thing as trilogies. books that are too long can get boring.

Reading somewhere Cosy OR in the Sun?

Always cosy. I never read in the sun, I prefer to be in pyjamas and snuggled up.

Hot Chocolate OR Coffee?

Gimme that hot choc any day!

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I tag:








Hope you enjoyed! Until next timeย โฃ



27 thoughts on “This Or That Book Tag

  1. I used to dislike audiobooks so much but then I started using them for my school-assigned reads and it’s really helped me get through them! Other than that, I never use audible for my pleasure reads since I’d rather be in my own mind for those, if that even makes sense lol. Also yaaas hardbacks ftw! :))

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