Underrated Authors You Should Read!


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Hey guys!

This week I wanted to highlight some awesome authors who just don’t get enough recognition. We all know who the ‘popular’ authors are and it’s easy for people to instantly hype their books and jump on the bandwagon. Let’s show some love to some smaller authors, who are just as talented and deserve their work to be praised.

Here are five authors who I honestly love and I hope you give them a chance.

Line Breaker

D.H Nevins 



Danielle Nevins has become one of my all time favourite authors. Not only is her work incredible, but she’s one of the sweetest and most supportive people I have had the pleasure to interact with. I also love her so much for wishing me a happy birthday in the acknowledgements of Angel Of Shadow! That blew me away!

I fell in love with Wormwood and then again with its sequel Angel Of Shadow. I love Dystopian Fiction and Danielle executes it brilliantly. I reviewed both books and loved them both. Please give Danielle a chance and support her work, you won’t regret it!

Wormwood Review
Angel Of Shadow Review

You can find and support Danielle here:


R.J Furness


The first thing I want to say about R.J Furness, is how freaking kind and thoughtful he is! So much so that he sent my son both of the Orgo Runners books, just because, not for any arterial motive. He also put my son’s name and small review at the front of Orgo Runners Glider Attack. My son was so excited to see his name and thoughts on the book and that just made my day. R.J is so incredibly supportive of us bloggers too. He constantly retweets our posts and is a genuine delight to talk to!

You can find and support R.J here:


Allison Mullinax


Allison Mullinax was a huge surprise for me. I found her book Break The Line when I joined the cover reveal and blog tour with Fiery Seas Publishing. I honestly didn’t expect much from Break The Line, but it was shockingly good! It turned out to be so much more than I expected from a romance novel. Allison creates so much emotion and beauty in her work and it’s honestly so refreshing to see from a romance author. She’s so lovely to chat with too and always takes the time to like or retweet.

Her next book When It All Goes Still will be released on May 15th and I urge you to go check it out, along with Break The Line.

Break The Line Review

You can find and support Allison here:


Brittany Pate

fires kiss.jpg

Brittany Pate was another author who I found through Fiery Seas Publishing. Her romance novel is more on the adult side and she executes it well. I anticipated a lot of cliché and possibly inst-love, but I got an addictive page turner that I finished in 24 hours! I was captivated by her style of writing and the intensity of the story. Brittany definitely knows how to spin a tale and weave in the romance. If you’re a fan of fantasy romance then please do check out Fire’s Kiss! I also love Brittany and her sweet nature, she’s also very supportive on Twitter.

Fire’s Kiss Review

You can find and support Brittany here:


Anna Banks


Anna Banks is by far the most well-known of the five authors. But when I’ve ever mentioned her or her books, no one has a clue who she is and that’s a travesty. I discovered Anna’s first book Nemesis is my first Fairyloot box back in 2016. I instantly loved the cover and the story was incredible. With a strong female character who I immediately loved and set in an Egyptian world, it wasn’t similar to anything I’d ever read before. The character’s emotions felt so raw and real and the world was beautifully created. I honestly don’t understand how people haven’t heard of Anna. When I was searching for the sequel Ally online, Anna kindly helped me on Twitter and was so lovely and actually followed me. I urge you to give Nemesis a go if you love Fantasy with a very slow burn Romance.

You can find and support Anna here:


Line Breaker

I love supporting authors who are a little bit different or that bit more supportive of us bloggers. Their talent and work should be recognised just as much as the bigger authors. This is my first five authors, but I plan to highlight plenty more amazing authors in the future!

Have you heard of these authors? Which authors do you think are underrated? Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed, until next time ❣



37 thoughts on “Underrated Authors You Should Read!

  1. Sarah, thank you for this beautiful surprise! I’m so honoured to be on this list… and… honestly–mentions like this mean the world to me. You can be sure I’ll be checking out these other authors!

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