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Hey friends!

I have a really fun tag for you today. One of my best blogging friends Dora kindly tagged me (she knows I’m obsessed with tags!) thank you babe! Go ahead and check out Dora’s blog, it’s beautiful and she’s amazing!

This tag is all about beautiful covers and pretty pages of books. It was created by Book Syrup over on YouTube.


Line Breaker

1. Best colour combo on a book cover.

I agree with Dora here, I love shades of Blue’s and Black’s for book covers.


2. Best typography/font on a book cover.

I love the font for both Caraval and Legendary, both UK and US covers, they’re very similar.


3. Best simple cover.

One Of Us Is Lying is definitely a simple cover, but I love the red and white.

one of us is lying

4. Best endpages.

Not many of my books have nice end pages, but the hard copies of the Hush Hush series have pretty feathers.


5. Best map.

Again I don’t have many maps in my books, but the one for Caraval is really cool.


6. Best naked hardback.

Without a doubt, The Language Of Thorns is gorgeous. This is the Fairyloot special edition which is red lettering instead of orange.


7. Best back cover.

I can’t choose between these two, so I’m not going to! They’re both so beautiful! A Shiver Of Snow & Sky and Ink.


8. Best chapter headers.

These are from A Place Called Perfect and each chapter header is different and very cute!



9. Best illustrations.

Has to be from The Language Of Thorns. These are just two of the pictures and they’re stunning!


8. Best spines.

The one on my shelves that I always look at is Forest Of A Thousand Lanterns, even my husband agrees.


11. Favourite cover on your shelves.

What kind of question is this? That’s so difficult, but my favourite colour is purple and I’ve been in love with Daughter Of The Burning City since I got it!



Line Breaker

I’ve never spent so long looking through my books! But I enjoyed every minute of it!

I tag:






Until next time ❣




35 thoughts on “Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

  1. omg my eyes are full of hearts rn since your answers included so many beautiful books! I LOVE the typography and map for Caraval (it’s literally the greatest ahh) and the back of Ink is fr gorgeous!! Lovely post πŸ™‚

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