In Fallen Woods – R.N Merle – Review


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Long ago in England, and far away to the west…

In the dark heart of Fallen Woods, Darklin, a sixteen year old witch and her mother Gressyl, live hidden among the tangled trees. They are bound to a secret coven practicing dark and cruel magic. Darklin is taught to be merciless and to despise humanity, to believe that beauty is treacherous, and that love and kindness do not truly exist.

But when Darklin has a fateful encounter with a beautiful and kind hearted young man, powerful feelings are unleashed. As urges of attraction and destruction war inside Darklin’s heart, which urge will she give way to, and where will it lead her?

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A dark twisting tale about witches, love and discovering the truth behind the lies.

My Thoughts

I’m a real lover of Fairytales and the darker the better. In Fallen Woods sounded like a dark and twisted tale about witches, what’s not to like? First off I want to comment on how beautiful the cover is! The author actually created it herself which is amazing, she’s not only a talented writer but a darn good designer!! I often get tired of flowery writing and drawn out stories, but this style of writing was superb. It reminded me a lot of Wintersong and Uprooted, which are both amazingly written books that I love. In Fallen Woods has definitely joined them. The descriptions were just beautiful and whimsical and I felt like I was within the fallen woods myself.

Darklin was an interesting character. I started the story really not liking her, just because of the horrid things she thought about people and how repulsed she was. But I quickly began to realise why she is this way and felt huge amounts of sympathy for her. She is scared and she doesn’t know anything about the world, other than what Gressyl has told her. Gressyl is the witch who raised Darklin to be this way and who taught her about ‘the bad folk and their ways’.

Darklin is hugely manipulated and fed poisonous lies, so she doesn’t know what really lies beyond the woods. Through out the story we see her discovering the world and realising the truth for herself. Her feelings begin to change when she meets John and his family and they show her kindness regardless of her wrong doings. It really emphasises how good life can be if you find the right people and love deeply and true.

The story really struck a chord with me and made me feel so many things that I didn’t expect. It’s stories like this that make you look at the world around you and look closely.

I enjoyed the few little tales that were told within the book and felt they added depth and emotion to certain scenes. Gressyl’s story really intrigues me and I’d love to know more about how she came to be, other than what I discovered near the end of the book.

If you’re a fan of witches, beautiful writing and want to fall deep into the woods, then give In Fallen Woods a read.

Line Breaker

I’d like to thank R.N Merle for sending the book my way in return for an honest review.


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