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Hey guys!

This is a completely different post than you’re used to, but I couldn’t pass up a chance to eat cake right? I’m really excited to be sharing this with you guys!

Line Breaker

bakerdays is an online cake shop that specialises in creating unique and personalised cakes. They can create cakes for many occasions, anything from birthday cakes to engagement cakes to cupcakes. They even have the Letterbox cake, this is what I received to review.


The Letterbox cake is a marvellous idea! Do you want to send a friend a celebratory ‘you got the job’ cake? This is the perfect product for such an occasion. The cake fits perfectly through your letterbox, ready to be opened up and devoured. The first item in the box is a cute little ‘just for you’ card which I think is a nice extra touch. You also have your order slip and a handy list of ingredients contained in the cake, this is an excellent inclusion, especially for people who may have allergies.


Then comes the best part, the cake! I honestly did not expect this adorable little tin to be included! I love this extra special touch, it makes the product feel rather premium and of course you can keep it and re-use it, bonus! mmmm cake!


I love love love this design! I chose it myself from the website – it felt very me 😉 There are dozens of designs to choose from for various occasions, or you can ask the in house designer to create one for you and then personalise the cake in any way you like, including photo’s. You then choose the filling, I went with ‘rich chocolate chip’ but there’s plenty of choice. Are you a victoria sponge fan or lemon drizzle? You can also ask for gluten free, wheat free and dairy free which is amazing!

My verdict

I really loved the Letterbox concept. You could use it for so many different occasions and have it conveniently posted with their speedy delivery service. I love how much you can personalise the cake, be it with a specially created design or your child’s face slap bang in the middle, the possibilities are endless.

The packaging was perfect. I liked the added ingredient list and the unexpected little mmm cake tin! The design was just what I wanted and it was delicious! The icing wasn’t too sweet, so I didn’t feel sick and the cake was moist chocolatey deliciousness!

For the price you pay (£14.99) it was exceptional service and an exceptional product. I will definitely be using bakerdays again!


Fancy trying your own Letterbox cake or another product from bakerdays? The fabulous company kindly provided me with a 15% off code for you guys! Add BOOKHOOKEDNOOK15 at the checkout to claim your discount!

Thank you so much to bakerdays for sending the cake my way in return for an honest review!

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time ❣


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