Spring Fling Read-A-Thon – Update

Spring Fling Readathon

Hey guys!

I’ve been enjoying the sun here in the UK this week, but as the weather has changed I’ve developed a cold. This is a regular thing for me, so don’t send out the Get Well Soon cards just yet, I’ll be back on form soon!

As for my reading, I’ve had a lot going on this last week at home, including lots of stressful situations and depressing moments, so I haven’t done too well with the challenges.

Line Breaker

spring fling cats

I’ve been working on the Popping Daisies challenge by reading The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill. I’m about 30 pages away from being done so I’m counting it as a Challenge Complete! Have you read it? What did you think? I’ll have a review up soon!

the surface breaks

Line Breaker

Sorry this was a short update! I’m trying my best to just get through life right now and continue blogging, bear with me please!

How far have you gotten with the challenges this week? I’d love to know!

Remember you can still join the Read-A-Thon by signing up HERE.

If you want to know all about the Spring Fling Read-A-Thon check out my first post HERE.

Happy reading ❣


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