Lacuna Candle Co – Dreams Can Come True – Unboxing

Lacuna box.jpg

Hey guys!

If you know me then you’ll know how much I love candles! There’s nothing better than lighting a candle, snuggling down and reading a good book. It’s so peaceful and really calms my mind from the chaos of life.

I recently discovered Lacuna Candle Co over on Twitter and the company immediately caught my eye. I headed on over to their Etsy Store and spotted the July candle box – Dreams Can Come Dream. This box is heavily inspired by Disney Princesses and I just couldn’t resist it! The fact that it was on sale and I was also able to use a rep discount code just sweetened the deal.

Stick around for some gorgeous candle delights!

Line Breaker

Lacuna cinderella.jpg

Glass Slipper is inspired by sweet little Cinderella. It smells divine, with scents of pumpkin, midnights and cupcakes – It honestly smells like cookies and cream, SO GOOD! This is probably my favourite because I love purple and the blue glitter is so pretty.

Lacuna snow white.jpg

Just One Bite is all about Snow White. I wasn’t sure if I would like the smell of this one as I’m not huge on apple scents, but it actually smells beautiful and the apple isn’t too strong. It’s scented with ruby apples, fresh daisies and purity. It’s just so cute with the red and blue glitter!

Lacuna tangled.jpg

Best Day Ever is Rapunzel’s candle – I love that it’s named after the song in Tangled! This one is definitely the strongest smelling, so I won’t need to burn it for too long to fill the room with berries, magical flowers and moonlit lanterns! The deep purple and green glitter is gorgeous.

Lacuna ariel.jpg

I was most excited about Under The Sea because it’s Ariels’! I am utterly obsessed with mermaids and this candle is perfect! With scents of ocean air, mermaid whispers and lemons, it smells so refreshing! I’m totally digging the green and purple glitter mixed together.

There was also an extra gift included in the box which is fabulous! This cute little badge reads ‘Dreams Can Come True’. The little pouch that it came in is SO adorable and the colours are just stunning! I’ll definitely be using it to keep my nik naks in!

Lacuna tea.jpg

And as if I wasn’t amazed already by this box, they also included a little baby pack of tea! This is Belle inspired and the name is just perfection and really complete’s the theme!

Lacuna all.jpg

I’m so incredibly pleased with this box and couldn’t have asked for more! The packaging is terribly cute and well thought out and I love the quirky names for the candle scents too. Each candle is made with soy wax, so they’re eco friendly too. The company has truly exceeded my expectations and I will absolutely be ordering again in the NEAR future!!

Line Breaker

I hope you enjoyed unboxing my most recent purchase with me! Have you tried anything from Lacuna Candle Co? Let me know!

Until next timeย โฃ




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