Book Hooked Box – Funding Launch Is Here!

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Guys ..IT’S HERE!!

A week ago, I revealed the secret project that I’ve been working on over the past few months – Book Hooked Box – you can check out the reveal post here.

The time has finally arrived to launch my funding page! I was originally using Kickstarter to launch, but I’ve had some trouble with it, so I will now be using the site IndieGoGo. Please do head over to the site and take a look! I appreciate any kind of support that you can give me ❤

Book Hooked Box IndieGoGo


Our Goal new

Now I’d like to go into a bit of detail about our funding goal, where the money is going and what kind of perks/rewards you can back.

Funding Goal: 

To launch the first box for January, we need £2000 to cover all of the item costs.

This includes:

  • All of the packaging (box, stickers, fillers etc).
  • Books from the publisher.
  • Luxury chocolate boxes.
  • Unique hot chocolate drinks.
  • Custom candles manufacture and labour.
  • Artist fees and art work printing costs.
  • Delivery of all items.
  • Shipping costs to customers.

Perk/reward costs have come out of our pocket and the designers. Future website fees and maintenance will also be funded by ourselves.

IndieGoGo will also take transaction fees per contribution and percentages from the final funding balance. Taking that into account, our goal will be £2200, to cover all costs.


Perks that you can back are as follows:

  • Early Bird Box: You will receive the January ‘Fairytales’ box at the early bird rate of £24.
  • Box & Exclusive Gift: You will receive the January ‘Fairytales’ box and an exclusive limited edition ‘Alice In Wonderland’ themed bookmark, at the rate of £27.
  • Box & 2 Exclusive Gifts: You will receive the January ‘Fairytales’ box, an exclusive limited edition ‘Alice In Wonderland’ themed bookmark and an exclusive A5 ‘Fairytale’ themed piece of art work, at the rate of £30.

All perks will be sent in the January ‘Fairytales’ box. You can also donate to the page without a perk if you wish.

Goal 2200

There it is! I’m so incredibly excited to share this with you guys and have been overwhelmed by your support so far – I appreciate all of you so much!

Click below to go to the IndieGoGo page!

Book Hooked Box IndieGoGo

You can follow our social media pages for all updates!





17 thoughts on “Book Hooked Box – Funding Launch Is Here!

  1. Sarah girl, I am SO very proud of you! I know you’ve put so much work into this amazing project and I’d love to help promote it on my blog – if you’d like! 😀 You are a genius – being able to put this all together! ❤


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