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Hey guys!

I’ve been so busy lately with my subscription box and I’ve definitely neglected my blog a bit. So I’m jumping back in with a tag! One of my book besties Ash tagged me, thank you babe!

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What is The Most Expensive Book You Own?

I don’t have any special editions etc, so my hardbacks are the more expensive and I can’t remember the price of them all.


What Book(s) Have You Shamelessly Devoured Many Times?


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read the Harry Potter series.


What Book/Series Have You Neglected Over Sheer Laziness?

mortal instruments.jpg

Laziness and sheer intimidation! This series is huge, not to mention the many other books/series in the same world.


What Books(s) Do You Bring Up When You Want To Sound Like An Intelligent Reader?


Anything by Shakespeare, although Romeo & Juliet is my fave!


What Attributes Do You Find Most Attractive In Characters?

I like the funny guy, the class clown of the group. I also love someone with imperfections, they feel more real to me and I have a better connection with them.


What Books Would You Most Like To Receive As a Gift?


Goosebumps are the books that really began my reading journey and I’d love a whole collection of them!


What Author(s) Do You Have a Love/Hate Relationship With?


I’m really not keen on S.J Maas. I hadn’t heard of her before mid 2016 when I decided to pick up ACOTAR and I wasn’t too sure if her books were any good. Whilst I did enjoy this series, there’s also her Throne Of Glass series. I didn’t like it and I don’t get the hype at all. I’ve also heard a few negative things about the author herself and from what I can see in bookshops, she’s spewing out books all the time and it seems kinda money hungry.

I may be wrong and I don’t hate her or anything, I’m just 50/50.

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I tag:


Hope you enjoyed! Until next time ❣


22 thoughts on “7 Deadly Sins Book Tag

  1. I never get tired of the Harry Potter series! My hubbie just grabbed my collection off the bookshelf to take into work–we’re teachers and he wants to allow his students to borrow them. I’ve decided to let him (if he tracks who borrows), because it’s great to share this amazing series with new readers, right? But… I can’t stop feeling selfishly anxious about it!!!

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  2. I have never read goosebumps as a kid because I used to get scared really easy. But now that I am older, I have been really wanting to read them to get into the Halloween vibe, which is much needed right now! I love the cheesy scary/spooky stuff, like Disney originally Halloween movies! My favorite. I need a marathon. Thank you so much for the tag!

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