Beautiful Beast -Kyla D. Knight – Arc Review

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Dark, sexy…beautiful.

Axis shouldn’t leave his castle. He’s a wolf shifter, and his wolf form…has some problems. But he hates the confinement. Hell, he hates everything about his life.

Until he grabs an excuse to get away from his comfortable prison and meets Layna.

She’s bold. She’s beautiful. And she’s in trouble.

But Axis can’t stay away from his castle for long, so what else is there to do but bring her to his home to keep her safe? Well, safer. Sort of…

The second Layna sets foot in Axis’s remote, eerie castle, she knows she’s stepped into a place of secrets—and they aren’t pretty ones. Axis may be the sexiest man she’s ever seen, but what is he hiding? Why is he so difficult and moody?

And what the hell is making that sound?

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Intensely dark, brooding heroes and deep secrets.

My Thoughts

The first thing that drew me to this book was the gorgeous cover! I hate to say it, but I definitely do judge a book by its cover (bookwise only) and I just couldn’t resist a peek inside.

This story is definitely for fans of steamy scenes and brooding males, but there’s also a lot more to it. Whilst our male main character Axis is on the outside your common paranormal hero, he’s got a lot going on inside that beautiful head of his. He struggles with his secret shifting ability (which leads him to self medicate), his tormented childhood past and frequent depression and bad thoughts. He’s kind and generous to his people, but he pushes people away and struggles to open up enough to let someone in.

Layna was likeable, with a strong willed personality and sarcastic tendencies, she was really fun to read about, but she was a bit ungrateful and I did prefer the other characters over her personally.

The two accompanying characters, Tristan and Gareth, were interesting to read about. Gareth was my favourite with his light-hearted humour and kind nature, he was the perfect partner for grumpy and protective Tristan, who I wasn’t completely keen on all of the time.

There were some bits mentioned in the book that put me off a little, like Layna’s ‘personal’ comment on Tristan and Gareths relationship. The comment wasn’t really needed and a bit too forward honestly. But overall it was an enjoyable read and more than I bargained for!NEW Pastel Line Breaker

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I’d like to thank Netgalley for sending the book my way in return for an honest review.

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time❣



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