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Hey guys!

I hope your new year is starting off well! Today I’m posting my first tag of 2019, yay! Thank you so much to the amazing Kris for tagging me!

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Have you ever re-gifted a book that you’ve been gifted?

Absolutely not! But people tend to get me a Waterstones card or a book they know I want.

Have you ever claimed to have read a book when you haven’t?

I don’t think I have? But I may have said that I’m reading a book off my shelf when I’m totally not lol!

Have you ever borrowed a book and not returned it?

Never ever, I love my library.

Have you ever read a series out of order?

Can’t say I have, but I am considering reading a book series that’s in the same world as others (Cassandra Clare).

Have you ever spoiled a book for someone?

NO. Anyone who does this intentionally is a giant d*ck!

Have you ever skipped a chapter or a section of a book?

I’ve skimmed a book if it was boring, but I would eventually stop reading that book anyway and DNF.

Have you ever bad-mouthed a book you actually liked?

Do people do that? If I like a book then DEAL, it’s not someone else’s opinion that matters!

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That was a fun little tag to get me started for the year!

I tag:


Hope you enjoyed! Until next time❣

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