The TBR Tag #2

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Hey guys!

I haven’t done the To Be Read book tag since 2017 and since it’s the new year I thought I’d give it a go again!


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Q1: How do you keep track of your To Be Read pile?

I use Goodreads mostly, but honestly I don’t keep track of it very well. I should probably work on that.

Q2: Is your To Be Read mostly print or E-books?

At the moment I’d say it’s pretty much 100% physical.

Q3: How do you determine which book from your To Be Read to read next?

I’m a mood reader so I read whatever I fancy at the time. I do try to keep on top of new releases that I need to review though.

Q4: A book that has been on your To Be Read the longest?

city of bones

I had to look up the dates on Goodreads for this question. I have the boxset of this series and still haven’t read City Of Bones!

Q5: A book that you recently added to you To Be Read? 

Wicked Fox

I saw this book on someone’s blog and it looked absolutely beautiful. I’m excited for it to release later this year!

Q6: A book on your To Be Read strictly because it has a beautiful cover?

I’ll be the first to admit that I totally judge a book by its cover. Beautiful covers just suck me in, but I still have to WANT to read it. I won’t buy a book just because of the cover!

Q7: A book on your To Be Read that you never plan on actually reading? 


This is the same answer as last time. I will read this book eventually, but it’s not hugely important to me right now. I read the Mediator series when I was younger, so this sequel is more like a nostalgic read.

Q8: An unpublished book on your To Be Read that you’re excited for? 

the beautiful

I adored Renee’s duology The Wrath & The Dawn, so I’m super hyped for her next book!

Q9: A book on your To Be Read that everyone else has read but you?


Everyone and their mum keep telling me how amazing Stalking Jack The Ripper is and I’ve actually had the book since Christmas 2017. I plan to get to it this year, so please yell at me if I don’t!

Q10: A book on your To Be Read that everyone recommends to you?

The Night Circus

I really love circus/carnival based books and surprisingly I’ve never read The Night Circus, but everyone says it’s amazing, so I need to get to it very soon!

Q11: A book on your To Be Read that you are DYING to read? 

The final instalment of the Renegades trilogy by Marissa Meyer. It doesn’t have a title or cover yet but it’ll be out in November I believe and I CAN’T F#CKING WAIT!!!

Q12: The number of books on your To Be Read?

The amount on my Goodreads TBR is 163, but I need to clear out the books I’m not interested in anymore and I don’t really have a definite TBR because I mood read. I have about 20 review books to get to so let’s go with that!

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I can’t believe I haven’t done this tag for almost two years! What’s on your TBR?

I tag:

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time ❣

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28 thoughts on “The TBR Tag #2

  1. I can’t wait to read The Beautiful, one of the books in my TBR that everyone has read but me is Stalking Jack the Ripper and everyone recommends me The NIght Circus too!

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  2. Fun tag! I’m glad I’m not the only one behind on the Shadowhunters hype! I have read City of Bones though, so I am one ahead.. Not that I remember what happened in it though!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This looks like such a fun tag! I’m in the same boat with the Night Circus. I’m always being told to read it but something keeps stopping me from picking it up and I’m not sure what 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I might have a go at this tag as it looks like fun. Also guilty of not having read The Mortal Instruments series yet! I’m glad I’m not the only one as it feels like it sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

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