My Husband Picks My TBR

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Hey guys!

In my latest Monthly Wrap Up I said that I’m choosing my TBR differently this month. I struggle with choosing what to read as I’m a mood reader, so I thought for March I’d try a different tactic and let my husband Thomas choose for me! This could all end in tears.

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His Picks

Now, there is no way possible that my husband knows of every single book on my shelves that I’ve read, there are just too many. But he does listen to me going on and on about a certain book or my complaints of having to review a book by a certain date, so he did a decent job!


Evermore – I reread Everless at Christmas in preparation for the sequel, which I intended to buy in January. Then my amazing friend Dora bought it for my birthday (cries forever) and I really need to read it!

Dreamfall – I have wanted to read this book for about two years and I finally bought it in January, so I’m excited to finally read it.

Truthwitch – I was gifted the first three books in The Witchlands series by the publisher and my plan was to read the first book this month, so he listened!

Shadowsong – Another book I got immediately upon its release and haven’t read! I seriously don’t know why because I adore Wintersong!

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There it is, my March TBR, they’re all so pretty! I do have a couple of books to read in secret for my box, but if you see me reading books other than these, please shout at me.

What does your TBR look like this month? Let me know!

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time 💜

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