Sapphire Smyth & The Shadow Five: Part One Shadows – R.J Furness – Blog Tour Review

Sapphire Smyth Part One


Have you ever seen something you can’t explain? Did it vanish as fast as it appeared?
Perhaps that thing you saw was lurking in the shadows, and you caught a glimpse of it before it went back into hiding.
There’s a good chance, of course, that the thing you saw simply emerged from your imagination.
Or maybe, just maybe, it didn’t…

Sapphire Smyth is no stranger to rejection. When she was only a baby, her father abandoned her after her mother died. Since then, Sapphire has never felt like she belonged anywhere, or with anyone. To make things worse, Sapphire’s foster carers have now turned their back on her – on her eighteenth birthday. After living with them throughout her childhood, Sapphire has to find a new home. Is it any wonder she finds it hard to trust people?

Abandoned by the people she called family, Sapphire is alone and searching for some meaning in her life. Except that meaning has already come looking for her. When Sapphire discovers mysterious creatures lurking in the shadows, she soon realises that her fate is unlike anything she had ever imagined.

rating5 stars

A fun new YA adventure full of darkness and intrigue.

thought new

I’ve been incredibly excited to read Sapphire’s story for such a long time and now I finally have it in my hands and I am absolutely amazed!

Some books can take a while to get into and be quite tedious with the amount of backstory that isn’t needed. I like a book that can get straight to the point and Sapphire certainly does that. We’re dropped into the midst of Sapphire running away from home and learn pretty quickly the reason why. I was so shocked and so angry for her and I will be promptly sending Agent 47 to deal with the family! I also like how the writing portrays how a teenager would actually think and feel. There’s no flowery writing with pointless descriptions as that wouldn’t fit with the pacing or with Sapphire.

Sapphire was extremely relatable for me. I was once a reckless teen and it brought me back to those dark days. Sapphire has been let down by the people she should trust the most – her family. I could really feel her anger and how unbelievably upset she was about the situation. She’s also very stubborn (lol me) and will not budge once she’s set on something, especially when she’s emotional. Her character really spoke to the younger me and I think hers is a voice that needs to be heard in YA! She is just a really cool character and definitely has a whole lot of bite to her personality. I admire the way she dealt with certain situations and I was relentlessly egging her on.

Another character whom I love is Sapphire’s best friend, Ben. He’s one of those guys who cares thoroughly and always tries to help. He may not completely understand Sapphire’s reasoning or her stubbornness, but hey he’s a teenage boy! He’s a lovable character and I definitely fell in love with him just a little bit. But he’s got some secrets and I’m eager to find out what they are.

There are some bad people in this story and I’d happily leave them all inside a burning building – yes I am that enraged by them. These types of characters really add to the dark theme of the story and they are definitely a necessary evil.

I absolutely love the Shadows, especially the little fox. Although there is definitely some darkness within the shadows which I am SO HERE FOR and I’m eager to understand how they came to be and why Sapphire is involved. I have a feeling there is so much more to her life than she ever imagined!

This entire book will be split into six parts and will form a complete book. I love this idea of a serialised book rather than a huge one in one go. If you’re a slow reader or like to read little bits at one time, this is the perfect book for you. I can’t say much more without revealing spoilers, but I will urge you to give this first instalment a chance and be ready for a brand new YA adventure! NEW Line Breaker

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