Is not being OK really ok? (Ramblings)

The problem with Mental Health is not knowing whether you're helping or hindering yourself. We're all told to take time for ourselves and rest, but how long should that be? How much time is too much? Then we are told to go with what you're feeling - if you need to lay down, do it.… Continue reading Is not being OK really ok? (Ramblings)

Guest Post – Amsterdam Bookshop Hop

Hey Guys! Today I'm hosting Kimi and sharing part three of her Amsterdam Bookshop Hop - enjoy! Amsterdam Bookshop Hop – Part Three Goedendag! And Welkom to the third and final instalment in my Amsterdam Bookshop Hop! Today, I am being kindly hosted by the wonderful Sarah. For anyone that doesn’t know, my name is… Continue reading Guest Post – Amsterdam Bookshop Hop

Monthly Wrap Up – March 2019

Hey guys! This month I managed to get through nine books! I honestly wasn't feeling great during March due to a few different situations and because I'm a mood reader, I wasn't down for a super serious all-consuming story. Instead I wanted to read quick light-hearted books, so the majority are alien/vampire Romances (please don't… Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up – March 2019