Spotify Book Tag – Original

The Spotify Book Tag (4)

Hey guys!

I was sitting down eating my korma and a blog idea struck me – which is unusual these day – and I thought ‘what about a book tag that’s related to Spotify’. So here we are!

I have created a tag that mixes your favourite Spotify playlists and books all in one. I want this to just be a fun little tag to share and have a laugh with!

Feel free to join in and get tagging. Please link back to this original post, it would mean a lot.


1. Hit Rewind: a book you go back to again and again?Β 

I discovered this book in 2017 and completely fell in love! I’ve read the other books in the series, but The Deal has my heart.

The Deal

2. Romantic Ballads: a book that gives you all those fluttery feels?

I read this series when I was about 17 and it always gives me those flutters. It’s a fantastic vampy series and Born To Darkness is my fave!

Born To Darkness

3. Release Radar: a new release book you are excited for?

I need this book like I need oxygen! It’s not out until November and I am slowly dying!


4. Discover Weekly: a book you haven’t read yet but want to discover?Β 

Wicked Fox looks fab and I’m excited to pick it up soon!

Wicked Fox

5. Alone Again: your fave book genre to read on your own?

Romance usually.

6. Alternative: an indie book or author everyone should read!

There are a few that I truly adore!

7. Cheesy Hits: a book full of cheese that you just love?

Contains all the cheese and fluff and I LOVE IT!!

The Selection 1

8. Summer Hits: a book you re-read every summer?

Usually one of these two. I’m actually deciding which one to read very soon!

9. Power Hour: an empowering feminist book or character you adore?

I’m going with We Set The Dark On Fire. It has elements of feminism, misogyny and a dystopian feel, not to mention the f/f romance. Seriously amazing read!

we set the dark on fire

10. All Out 10’s: list ten banging books!

This was difficult, but these are all incredible!


I felt so inspired writing this tag and I hope to continue down that road! Please do share it and tag away 😊

I tag:


Hope you enjoyed! Until next timeπŸ’œ

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