I Wish I’d NEVER Read..

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Hey guys!

We’ve all finished a book and immediately thought – ‘what the f*ck was that’ – Right? That feeling of utter regret at wasting your precious reading time on a (let’s be real) pile of utter sh*t.

I thought it would be interesting to look back at some of my worst book experiences and attempt to figure out why they were so terrible – fun eh?

I intend to continue this series for as long as there are terrible books!

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I Wish I’d NEVER Read..

Given To The Sea by Mindy McGinnis


Given To The Sea

I had such high hopes for this book. From the beautiful cover to the intriguing description, I thought “YES this book will be fabulous” – oh my was I wrong. Where do I begin with this mess? The beginning is probably a good idea – yes genius, Sarah!

As beautiful as the book cover is, oh the irony. A wave is meant to wash you away, this book will wash you out. I am the first person to jump up and defend flowery writing and all its beauty (i.e. Wintersong) – but god let me breathe! It was incessant and completely unnecessary. I was trapped in page after page of verbal diarrhoea and had no choice but to skip certain sections just to try and get through it. Some stories fit perfectly with flowery writing. It can either set the scene with its stunning descriptions and suck you deep into the words, or fall flat and boy did this book fall flat on its spine.

Moving onto the characters. Two words, bland and boring. If they were paint they would be magnolia and that is probably offensive to all of the cream cans sat in B&Q. Khosa is absolutely the plainest main character I have ever come across. She had no fight in her, no fire, no personality even. I hated her decisions and her reactions and her acceptance of the way things were. The male characters were basically living in the dark ages and only expected one thing from a woman. Every other page was a man declaring that he wanted to ‘bed’ someone. Not one of them had remotely redeeming factors.

The premise of the story sounded incredible, but in reality it was extremely derogatory towards women. Sexual references were plastered everywhere. It seemed the entire story was about fulfilling men’s desire and ‘doing her duty as a woman’ and breeding an heir to take her place as the ‘given’ – oh and then sacrificing herself. Apparently that’s all women are good for in this book. In this day and age I want this type of sexist bullsh*t wiped out and replaced with positive stories of women fighting back and making something of themselves. I’m all for love and having babies etc, but this wasn’t it.

It’s pretty obvious why I detest this book. If you have it I highly recommend you one shot it into the nearest dustbin, or send it to your enemy – but that would likely be too cruel.

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Have you read Given To The Sea? Let me know your thoughts!

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time💜

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24 thoughts on “I Wish I’d NEVER Read..

  1. okay salt and all, i love this post. sometime we really get our hands on some of the………really terrible books and the best way to get through that mess is to rant about them lol
    given to the sea sounds SO AWFUL. the part about the breeding and ‘a women doing her duty’ 🤢🤢
    as bad as this book sounds, your review is hilarious so i guess there’s that

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